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Formstack Launches New Data/Report Features


Formstack users have been asking for better reporting features for their data, and we have listened to those requests.  As a result, we have completely rewritten the Data features of Formstack to give you more flexibility in searching your data, creating charts, sharing data and more.

The main change is that rather than a static Data page, you now have the ability to configure the page yourself to display only the data you want and the charts you want.  More than that, you have the ability to create as many Data pages as you want, or Reports as we call them.


Each Report can be configured as a saved Search for specific data or it can display all submissions.  You can add/remove charts for each select list, radio button, checkbox, matrix and number field on your form.


You can also choose to Share reports, which allows others to view your data via a link without needing access to your username and password.  Each Report can be shared/not shared separately.  You can also choose Limited or Full data sharing.  Limited data sharing only allows others to view a summary of your data.  They cannot view the full submissions nor search the data.  Full data sharing allows those you share the unique URL with to view all of your data and search it.


Once you have enabled Full Data Sharing, RSS and Share buttons will show up for that Report.


Formstack users now have a lot more control over how they search their data and how they configure their saved searches (now called Reports).  Each Report has a search box for basic searches, as well as an advanced search link.


You can also click on the Configure button on a Report to filter the results for that Report in order to create a Saved Search.


You can create a new Report by clicking on the “Create New” button.  When you have multiple Reports, you can choose which one you want to view from the Report drop-down menu.


You can still export your Data in CSV, RTF (Word) and Excel format, but we have added a new option for printing reports and charts, a “Save as PDF” link.


We hope you like the major overhaul we have made of our Data functionality.  All of the old features are still there, but there’s a lot of new stuff as well.  You can see some of the new features in this quick video tutorial below, and as always let us know what you think in the comments below.


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3 Responses to Formstack Launches New Data/Report Features

  1. Niels says:

    good stuff guys

  2. Greg Bonifay says:

    I’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in screen regeneration speed since the new format was instituted. Also, the old method of extracting data was easier. This format doesn’t allow for date ranges or saving previous date ranges since last download. The look and feel of the site is better, and I like the graph capability, however, that also takes more time to generate on the screen.

  3. chris says:

    @ Greg – we have had some slowness when users try to run reports with multiple qualifiers. We have made some adjustments to help increase speed and make that experience better. You should also be able to now see a snapshot view of the data like in the past. If you still experience speed issues please contact our support team

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