how cloud computing works

Published on March 11th, 2013 | by Lance


How Cloud Computing Works

If you’ve been on the edge about how exactly cloud computing works, then watch this quick video we’ve created to help better explain cloud computing.

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Video Transcript:

Have you ever heard someone mention cloud computing, and thought they were taking about the weather?

Cloud computing allows you to save data – from basic documents and music to sensitive information – on an Internet-based storage network, allowing you to access it at any time and from any device with an Internet connection. Since your data is stored in the cloud, it doesn’t take up any storage space on the hard drive of your device.

Anytime you save your data to a cloud-based software solution, all you need is an Internet connection to view it. If you travel often or work remotely, this is helpful because you’ll never have to worry about forgetting another  flash drive.

Cloud applications allow for group collaboration and feedback. You can share files between multiple users and allow them to access and edit the files they need.

Most cloud-based computing solutions don’t tie you down with contract commitments or added charges. Most services allow you to pay on a monthly basis, and you can upgrade or downgrade when you need.

Go check out some cloud computing applications like Google Drive, Basecamp, Evernote, Quickbooks, Box, Dropbox & more.

Formstack is a cloud-based solution where you can build online forms for collecting data, engaging your customers and ultimately growing your business.

Learn more at”

Read a further explanation of cloud computing in our recent post.

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3 Responses to How Cloud Computing Works

  1. Jenkins Watson says:

    really a nice video…this video explained the working of cloud computing in a very interactive way. I too favor cloud computing as it has everything to get the attention of all businesses and organizations as well.

  2. Susan Bilder says:

    This is a great explanation and the video is put together well. Those of us in the industry take it for granted, but many people are still perplexed as to what this “cloud” is. Some people think it’s information up in an actual cloud, seriously!

  3. Lance says:

    Thank you Susan & thank you Jenkins!

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