Spring 2020 Release

Simplify data collection on the go, enable anyone in your organization to optimize processes, and accelerate your document creation in Salesforce.
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Simplify your workflows with new integration capabilities

Our Workflows add-on is better than ever with new document generation abilities.

We’re excited to give more power to your workflow processes by allowing the Formstack Documents integration to run between steps of your workflow, even while the form is still in progress.

If you’re not familiar with Documents, here’s a quick recap:

Documents: A document generation solution that allows you to create custom documents with information submitted through Formstack Forms.

Use this integration in your workflow process to keep electronic files and documents organized and accessible. Collect applications, resumes, and photos from users, or populate work orders, proposal documents, and invoices with submitted data without having to wait for the entire workflow process to complete.

Formstack Forms
Simplify your billing in Formstack Sign

Quickly update, change, and manage your billing needs within the Sign product.

Formstack acquired InsureSign (now Formstack Sign) in 2019, which spurred our focus on building unified, aligned systems and infrastructure to support our customers.

With this drive in mind, we released a new Formstack Sign billing experience where account needs can be managed directly within the Sign product instead of via an external tool. If you’re a customer of multiple products at Formstack, you will also now receive one bill. Curious about how to manage your Sign account? Learn more.

Formstack Workflows
Automate document creation in Formstack’s Salesforce app

With Formstack's latest integration, you can now seamlessly connect Formstack Documents to the Formstack Salesforce app. Easily save time, remove manual processes, and simplify your document generation—all without ever having to leave Salesforce.

Generated documents in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and fillable PDF format can be automatically saved to your Salesforce submission record, supporting delivery into over 40 integrations.

Want to learn more? Formstack’s Salesforce app is available on the AppExchange. If you’re already a Formstack Salesforce app customer, log in to your account to get started!

Simplify the Salesforce experience with the new Files release

Make the process of uploading files to Salesforce easier and more streamlined with support for up to 25 megabytes per file. Simply add a File Upload field to your forms. It’s fast, it’s seamless, and it’s built to help you manage your internal business processes.

Formstack’s Salesforce app now supports better, faster, and more secure file integrations with Salesforce Files, Stash, and Dropbox. Enjoy the benefits of advanced integrations and feature functionality without worrying about legacy APIs or limited access to files and storage.

Want to learn more? Formstack’s Salesforce app is available on the AppExchange. If you’re already a Formstack Salesforce app customer, log in to your account to get started!

Formstack Forms for Salesforce
Meet the new Formstack Go

With the latest updates to Formstack’s mobile app, you can collect data anywhere, even offline.

The new Formstack Go app is our biggest update since our original launch. It’s fast, dependable, and easy for anyone to use.

Take your forms on the go to gather feedback, qualify leads, and run field inspections using your mobile device. You can sync data the moment it’s collected, share results in real time, or trigger an action using 50+ integrations.

Formstack Go is available to download now on Apple and Android. Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply log in using the same username and password that you use for Formstack.com.

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Your feedback matters. If you have an idea for a new product, feature, or integration, share it with us by logging into your account, clicking the Help icon in the upper right corner, and selecting Feedback.